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Streamlined Payroll Processing

United HR helps clients streamline payroll with our Internet-based software. Intuitive navigation, simple screens and immediate access to hundreds of standard reports help manage employee data and process payroll quickly and accurately.

24/7 Access from any Internet Connection

Web-based access enables real-time changes and the ability to download reports from anywhere an Internet connection is available. In addition to over 800 standard reports United HR also allows clients to easily create custom reports from any data collected by the system. Reports can be viewed or printed in Screen, PDF, ASCII, and Excel formats for easy editing or distribution.

Unlimited Remote Access from Multiple Locations

Internet ease allows employees to clock-in from multiple locations and supervisors can approve time sheets; CFOs, CEOs or outside accountants can securely access payroll reports whether they are in their office or on the road. Clients can also assign full or restricted access based on individual user or class of user to better protect sensitive employee information.

Personalized Service

At United HR, a dedicated payroll specialist will answer your entire payroll, and payroll tax-related questions. Your specialist is trained on the payroll specifics of your company to provide immediate and helpful service every time you call.

Monitor System Changes

United HR's system tracks every change, from adding punches to an employee timesheet to salary increases. Reports are available to track the time and date changes were made, who made the change and the old and new values.

Single Database Architecture

Our single database architecture allows data to be entered once---automatically every related field throughout the system is updated---no more rekeying to multiple databases. True integration maximizes your data integrity and allows comprehensive reporting. Data for active and terminated employees is retained by the system.

The Most Secure Tax Processing in the Industry

Seamlessly integrated, United HR partners with Ceridian (CTS) and MasterTax, the leaders in providing payroll tax compliance processing for over 10,000 Federal, State, and Local taxing jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada.

How do I get started?

We do the work. To get started we will need your business' federal and state tax IDs, your W-4 information for active and terminated employees and year-to-date balances. United HR operations specialists take it from there. You can convert to United HR at any point throughout the year and your employees will only receive one W-2 at year end. Complete our request a quote form to receive pricing information.

How does training work?

We offer training in person at your office or via the Internet. Because our payroll system is so intuitive to navigate, most users have a complete understanding of our system including our report writing functions in less than one hour. We also provide online user manuals for your convenience and additional training for clients that require it.

Do you offer Direct Deposit?

Yes. Our system allows the flexibility to deposit monies into one or several accounts to any bank receiving ACH files.

How many earnings and deductions are available with your system?

United HR provides our users with unlimited earnings and deductions that can be set-up using a percentage or fixed-dollar amount. United HR also offers “effective” dating that allows you to set a future start date for an earning or deduction that would otherwise start with your next payroll.

Do reports cost extra?

No! United HR offers approximately 800 standard reports from which you can chose month-to-date, quarter-to-date and year-to-date amounts that can be sorted by employee, department or region. Example reports include Check Register, General Ledger, and an Unused Deductions Report. United HR also provides an ad hoc report writing tool to create custom reports that will pull from any populated field in the database. Payroll reports are available IMMEDIATELY IN REAL-TIME after payroll is processed in Screen, PDF, ASCII or Excel formats for easy incorporation into your accounting software. Custom reports can be run at any time and your reporting criteria can be saved and edited for future use.

Can we get checks the same day?

Our Manual Check function allows you to print same day checks which can be printed on your company check stock; taxes and paperwork will be amended on your next payroll. United HR's Manual Check function allows you to factor in all earnings and deductions.

How long have you been in business?

United HR has been in business since 2001 and we can process payroll in all 50 states. We are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.